Why Choose CSBC

Why Choose A Catholic School?

Exceptional Academic Standards

The Catholic Schools of Broome County can boast of exceptional academic standards that foster intellectual passion, inspire personal growth in and outside of the classroom, as well as prompt critical thinking. A vast portion of our students are enrolled in Honors, AP and other college-level and advanced-level courses, especially in comparison to local public schools.

Small Classes

With smaller class sizes, the CSBC have lower student-teacher ratios compared to local public schools, which cultivates close connections with fellow students, as well as allows for teachers to pay a greater amount of individualized attention to each student.

High Quality Teachers

The Catholic Schools of Broome County’s teachers are passionate about what they do and their responsibility to mold the minds of tomorrow, today. Our teachers are able to develop a comprehensive understanding of how each of their students learns, as well as what interests and motivates them.

All-Encompassing Education

The CSBC provide an all-compassing education, prompting their students’ intellectual ability, just as much as their personal growth, social awareness and civic action. The opportunities in the CSBC extend beyond the classroom to athletic and academic competitions, artistic pursuits and school leadership experiences.


The Catholic Schools of Broome County maintain diverse and energetic student communities. We welcome and respect every family and child in our school system, as we accept that each person is made in the image and likeness of our Lord.

An Active & Involved Parent Community

The CSBC have made regular communication among students, parents and teachers an integral aspect of our process in order to ensure everyone is on the same page and collaborating to hit the same goals for the student.

Increased Probability of Higher-Level Education

After students graduate from the Catholic Schools of Broome County, there is a greater chance that they will achieve both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

A School System With a Mission

With the CSBC, there’s the opportunity to be part of a school with a set mission and dedication to that mission whose philosophy, values and teaching approach is right for your child and always comes back to our Catholic Faith.

Most Importantly, An Education that Will Last a Lifetime

Students who are enrolled in the Catholic Schools of Broome County have lifelong success that consistently comes back to the education they received in our schools, which permeates every aspect of their personal and professional life.

Admission to Catholic Schools of Broome County is the first step on a journey toward personal success.