Welcome Back to The Catholic Schools of Broome County

Each student must re-apply for admission each year. At the end of January/early February all current families will receive this information. Reapplications for current students are generated via our student information system (Rediker) and are emailed to families with our reapplication packet. Reminder you must re-apply for (TAP) financial Aid each year. You may apply for aid online and the information can be found on our tuition page.

If you have a child attending Seton Catholic Central, the additional separate SCC Scholarship application and information sheet will be sent in your re-admissions email.

If a family is seeking any level of financial assistance, the facts aid analysis form must be completed by February 15th. Also, you may not just turn in the separate SCC scholarship application without the facts application or expect to receive aid from the Catholic schools Broome county or individual school without completing the facts application.

If you have not received your re-admission information by the end of the second week of February please contact The Office of Admissions or your individual schools main office.

Admission to Catholic Schools of Broome County is the first step on a journey toward personal success.