Become a Saint


Admission to The Catholic Schools of Broome County is the first step on a journey toward personal success. The Catholic Schools of Broome County welcome qualified students without regard to race, gender, national or ethnic origin or religion. We hope the information that follows helps your family learn about our admissions process.

The Office of Admissions

Director of Marketing and Enrollment/Retention

Khala Hurd


Dear Prospective Family:

The Catholic Schools of Broome County are unique institutions rooted in the history of the Southern Tier and, more importantly, anchored in a rich tradition of Christ-centered spirituality and service that dates back 2,000 years.Catholic schools are engaging places where faith and reason are in dialogue. They are schools whose reputation for excellence and achievement continue to impress residents throughout southern New York and northern Pennsylvania. Their overall impact on our community far exceeds the number of our students. In academics, athletics, the arts, and extracurricular involvement Catholic school students excel.

Our schools are committed to fostering the development of each student’s God-given talents. We focus on the individuality of each student with a dedication to nurture his or her intellectual, spiritual, physical,and emotional growth. Each student will experience a wide-ranging curriculum that provides opportunities to learn the creative and critical thinking skills necessary to contribute as leaders in a rapidly changing world. The camaraderie among our students is extraordinary. Most importantly our students will build friendships that last a lifetime.

Consider your child’s academic career a success story waiting to be written. Consider the possibilities and potential waiting to be realized atone of Broome County’s four Catholic schools.

Admission to Catholic Schools of Broome County is the first step on a journey toward personal success.