Admissions Process

Apply to The Catholic Schools of Broome County

step1 admissions - Admissions Process

Complete Admissions Inquiry Form

Complete Admissions Inquiry form online or call The Office of Admissions or the School of your choice to do so.
step2 admissions - Admissions Process

Schedule a Tour

Schedule an Individual Tour and Meeting Time. Once you have completed your inquiry form you will be contacted by the Office of Admissions to set up your tour. Please bring all required/requested academic, discipline, and test score documents at this time for review.
step3 admissions - Admissions Process

Saint for the Day Shadow

Schedule Saint for the Day Shadow opportunity and student interview.
step4 admissions - Admissions Process

Apply for financial aid (if applicable)

Families applying for financial aid may submit a FACTS aid application. The deadline to submit financial aid applications is February 15, 2021. Families may also submit the separate Seton Catholic Central Scholarship application if applying to Seton Catholic Central. New families that inquire about admission after the deadline and are seeking financial aid should submit a letter requesting financial aid along with their most recent tax return, as you may still be eligible for local aid this year.

step5 admissions - Admissions Process

Complete the Application

Submit completed application and all required forms. The official application will be sent from a school official by email once initial steps have been taken.
step6 admissions - Admissions Process

Request student records

Request student records directly from your child’s current school using the Request for Records form provided by the Office of Admissions.
step7 admissions - Admissions Process

Personal Recommendation

A personal recommendation from a non-family member is helpful. (optional)
step8 admissions - Admissions Process

Wait for Admissions decision

Await notification of admissions decision.
Please Note:  Please be sure to follow the full admission process and requirements with guidance from the office of admissions.
Office of Admissions
John Kiereck, Director of Admissions
(607) 231-4149

Admission to Catholic Schools of Broome County is the first step on a journey toward personal success.