A History of Service
The Catholic Schools of Broome County Foundation was originally incorporated in 1975 to ensure the sustainability of Catholic schools by raising, managing and directing funding for the schools’ exclusive use. The Foundation was restructured in 2005 to better focus on the current needs of the schools and to fulfill its mission.

Ample Size, Prudently Managed
Since 2005, the Foundation has received significant donations and has distributed over $ 3.25 million to the Catholic Schools of Broome County. Foundation funds are well managed, using a combination of equity and fixed-income vehicles. The rate of return since 2005 has averaged 7.7%.

Investment Options
Foundation members have experience in all forms of giving, ranging from unrestrictive giving, endowments and estate planning. Capital efforts are a sustaining priority.

Foundation Board Composition
The directors of the Foundation come from diverse backgrounds and have a passionate commitment to the Catholic Schools. Directors volunteer their time to attend to the Foundation’s strategic planning and to the operational decisions to see funds are raised, managed and directed for the schools’ benefit. Many members include but are not limited to parents of present or past students of the Catholic Schools.

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Foundation Board of Directors

Kim Johnson ’96

Sue Burtis

Lee Rogers ’07

Carl Speicher ’89

Joseph Carpenter
Jennifer DeSouza
Patti Dowd
Bill Emmons ’03
Jason Giblin ’91
Travis Hayes
Camille Muscatello ’75
Jon Sarra ’93
Nicholas Wan ’08

Tracy Caezza
Jaclyn Boushie-Bombard


70 Seminary Avenue
Binghamton, NY 13905
Phone: 607.348.0337
Email: csbcalumni@syrdiocese.org