Good Afternoon,

The Voice of the Saints: Seton Catholic’s Student Newspaper

We are pleased to announce that Seton Catholic’s very own student newspaper, The Voice of the Saints, is now actively publishing new articles. The newspaper was founded in the 2021-2022 school year by the journalism class and guided by their teacher and faculty advisor Mr. Van Vleck, but now grows even more active with the addition of this year’s journalism students. The Voice of the Saints publishes a wide variety of articles that serve to keep you updated on what’s happening in our school, the local community, and the world. These articles may include local charities and events, developments, and topics popular at the school and of global interest.

As an activity that involves both school topics and extracurricular activities, student journalism at Seton is considered both a class and a club. Students work together in class with the guidance of Mr. Van Vleck to learn about the intricacies of journalism. As they become more experienced on the subject, they apply this knowledge to their articles, both inside and outside of class.

Our student journalists have recently published articles on several exciting events happening in Seton such as service projects (the Potato Harvest and Thrift Shop), new clubs (Gothic Cinema), the fall musical (Hello, Dolly!), and much more!

Happy Thanksgiving!
Mrs. Levis

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