SCC Community,

I hope everyone is safe and healthy. Thank you so much for your constant contact and your support through this crisis. As we start our 4th marking period, we are implementing another addition to our distance learning plan. We received a lot of feedback from students requesting more interactive classes with face to face communication with their teachers. Therefore, after meeting with teachers, we have organized a schedule of interactive meetings for their classes. We have attached the schedule to this email. This will allow some structure and regularity for the students and teachers. This will not replace other interactions that the students are having with teachers currently. This will be an addition to what work is happening. This new schedule will officially start on Monday, April 20th. We are also attaching a simple graphic organizer for students to help simplify their schedules.

Students will continue to be graded on assignments given in the Google Classroom. These assignments and assessments will be important in determining 4th quarter grades. We will continue to use numerical grades during distance learning. All grades 7-12 will be following similar grading protocols for the 4th marking period. If you have specific questions regarding how this may impact your child, please contact their counselor Also please contact teachers with any course-specific questions. Thank you again for all of your support and assistance. We hope to see everyone soon.

I do apologize for the amount of attachments. We put information in several different formats. Please use whichever one is easier.

God Bless,
Mr. Martinkovic and Mr. Monachino

* Online Schedule and Graphic Organizer
* COVID-19 Teaching Schedule

These schedules can also be found on the FORMS Page under the header “DISTANCE LEARNING SCHEDULES, SPRING 2020”