Attached is the new Scrip form, due November 30th, both below and on our Scrip Page. The November 30 order is the only order before the Christmas holidays, the next order will be January 4, 2022.

November notes: McCoy’s Chophouse is having their annual holiday promotion. For every purchase of $100 of McCoy’s gift certificates, you will receive a $25 McCoy’s voucher. These vouchers are valid January 1 through March 31, 2022. You may combine multiple family orders to reach each $100 purchase. The November 30 SCRIP order is the only order this promotional will be available.
The following denominations are now available: $25 Arby’s, $50 Starbucks, $50 Speedway

Please remember that forms are due in the SCC Office by Noon on the Due Date.

* Scrip Order Form Due Nov 30 2021 (PDF)
* Scrip Order Form Due Nov 30 2021 (Excel)