Welcome to SCC Summer Camps!  We have a variety of camps available for grades 7-12 starting July 12 through August 12.  These camps will help to bridge the gap from now until the start of the academic year, and provide college prep for those interested.  Please use the registration button below to register for any of the camps.

Multiple Child Discounts – If you have more than one child attending a middle or high school camp you will receive $25 off for each additional camper you register.  If registering multiple campers, contact Kim Johnson at 607.348.0337 or kejohnson@syrdiocese.org to receive your discount code. If you registered prior to May 24, 2021, the discount will be refunded to you.  

Camp Title: Middle and High School Youth Wellness, Leadership, and Training Academies
Instructor: Bill Clark and Trent Patterson
Date: July 12 – 16 (grades 7-8) / July 19 – 23 (grades 9-12)
Time: 12 – 2:30 pm
Cost: $100
Max # of campers per week: 30
Description: Spend the week with University of Alabama football star and Biggest Loser TV personality Trent Patterson, and world champion strongman, World and Greater Binghamton Hall of Fame Inductee, and Guinness World Record Holder Bill Clark for a week-long training academy that will help your child learn a healthy lifestyle, develop a champion’s mentality, and much, much more. Components of the academy:

  • The Mentality of Champions:  How to be Your Best
  • Field, Agility, and Speed Training: Engaging in a Proven System
  • Strength Training and Sports Performance:  A World Champion Approach to Lifting Safely and Optimally
  • Snack Time, Mentoring, and Relationship Development
  • Team Attack and Team Building
  • Visualization Training and Mental Programming

Camp Title:
Personal Finance
Instructor: Stephanie Schaefer
Date/Time: July 5 – August 13 (online only) – Weekly class sessions on Mondays from 11-12 pm and weekly scheduled check-in meetings
Cost: Free (thanks to a generous donor who is sponsoring the camp)
Grades: 9-12
Max # of campers: 10
Description: Earn a 0.5 elective high school credit from completing the Dave Ramsey Personal Finance course. Most of the work will be completed independently with an hour session each of the Mondays and weekly scheduled check-in meetings. Topics include budgeting, credit and debt, planning for career and college, income and taxes, housing and real estate, and investments. Reflect on best practices to saving and earning money through this 0.5 credit summer high school course.

Camp Title:
College Admissions Essay Writing Workshop
Instructor: Mimi Suh
Date/Time: August 2-12 (Monday-Thursday only) / 1:00 – 3:00 pm
Cost: $250
Grade: 11 &12
Max # of campers: 20
Description: In this writing-intensive workshop, students will receive hands-on training in how to write a well-crafted college admissions essay. Together, we will discuss strategies for constructing a personal college profile and translating yourself into a specific and important engaging essay. Through hours of intensive writing workshops, students will leave this class with one polished and completed copy of their personal statement/college admissions essay.

Camp Title: Creative Writing Camp
Instructor: Mimi Suh
Date/Time: July 12 – August 6) / 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Cost: $100
Grade: 7-12
Max # of campers: 20
Description: Each week we will explore different genres of creative writing.
Week 1 (July 12-16): Springboard Short Stories: students will be inspired to write a short story that springboards from one of the many prompts they will explore.
Week 2 (July 19-23): Spoken Word Poetry: students will draw inspiration from listening to/watching performances of popular spoken word poems and from their own interests and passion in order to write and perform their own spoken word poems.
Week 3 (July 26-30): Passion Writing: students will read several pieces of passion writing and then write their own piece that stems from a topic or issue that they are passionate about.
Week 4 (August 2-6): The Memoir: one of the hardest pieces of writing is one about ourselves, as self-reflection is a daunting task. Students will engage in several self-reflection activities that will inspire them to write their own mini-memoir.