Health Services

Dear Families,

Health Services at St. James School are provided by the Johnson City School District. Health services include:

  • NYS mandated screenings for hearing, vision (including distance and color deficiency), height/weight, scoliosis (Health Screening Checklist)
  • Physical exams by district doctor if not done by private provider
  • 1st aid and nursing care for injuries, accidents and emerging illness
  • Administration and safe storage of medications
  • Maintenance of individual health records including health history, medical examinations, dental certificates, immunization status
  • Health information and referrals
  • NYS Health Screening Requirements
Grade 6 Requirement
New York State has an immunization requirement for students entering 6th grade.

Because the requirement is a Public Health Law all students must have the following:
As of January 2007, all students entering 6th grade must have a Tdap. Students who are 10 years of age will not need to receive the Tdap until they are 11 years of age. After their 11th birthday, a 14-day grace period is granted for the completion of the immunization.

To comply with the New York State law, you must provide written documentation from your health care provider to the School Nurse by the first week of September or your child will risk exclusion from school. If your provider would like to fax proof of the Tdap immunization, they may fax it to the school.

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