Student Council

The Executive Committee of the Student Council is elected by the student body to mediate between the student body and the administration. The Executive Committee is the chief organizer of many school events, and is also responsible for many fundraising events which support the scholarship and tuition assistance funds.
Moderator: Mrs. Maureen Schmidt
2023-24 Student Council Executive Board: Alexandra Back, Roger Brooks, Mary Catherine Burtis, Mary Redmore, Christian Taber, Cash Vaughan

“Article I, Section 2 Student Council Constitution: The purpose of the Student Council shall be: To furnish strong Catholic Leadership; To investigate and refer to the Administration policies and practices which it believes will lead to the advancement of the school’s welfare; To provide for a regular mode of procedure for the organization and establishment of all student-oriented clubs, associations, and societies connect with the school; to define their conduct and practices; To encourage participation in all school activities; To act as collector, custodian, and disburser of Student Council funds; and To transact other business of general interests to the student body of the school not otherwise provided for.

The Student Council consists of seven members of the Executive Board and four officers from each class. These students, as elected representatives of their peers, serve as leaders and role models for the school.”

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