Saintly Grounds Cafe

Saintly Grounds Café offers a variety of beverages and snacks in a relaxed setting. Saintly Grounds is open from 3:00 to 4:15 PM each school day, during dances, and at other special events.

Saintly Grounds Gift Certificates

Saintly Grounds Gift Certificates may be purchased whenever the cafe is open. Certificates cost $5.00 for a packet of five certificates. Gift certificates make great presents, for Christmas or any time!

What’s Brewing at Saintly Grounds Café?

The Café continues to be the popular gathering place of faculty, alumni and students after school and during special events. We have dedicated parents who assist Ann Mazza and the Saintly Grounds Board of Directors with the daily operation, but we are in need of more help on Thursdays and Fridays from 3:00-4:15pm. If you can help, please contact Ann Mazza to schedule your time.

Stop by for a tasty snack and a hot cup of Saintly Grounds coffee.


Hot Beverages: $1.00

Gourmet Coffee
Hot Chocolate
Herbal Tea

Cold Beverages: $0.50


Gatorade: $0.75

Munchies: $0.50

Home-Made Brownies
Breakfast Bars
Misc. Snacks

Pizza by the Slice: $1.00
Chocolate Bars and Chocolate Candy: $1.00

Our Wish List:

A new 12 cup coffee maker to keep up with our demand and we always need cases of water.

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