7th-8th Graders

School Supplies 

If purchasing any of these supplies becomes a financial hardship, please contact the Guidance Office. Backpacks are allowed, but larger backpacks are difficult to fit into a locker. We recommend color-coding notebooks and folders if possible.

All 7th & 8th grade students are asked to bring:

  • #2 pencils
  • pens (blue or black ink)
  • loose-leaf
  • colored pencils
  • book covers (old fashioned paper bags work great!)
Some teachers have submitted additional requests. Others will provide you with a list on the first days of school.


Notebook (1 Subject Spiral), Folder, Loose Leaf


3″ Binder, Scientific calculator, Highlighters, Pens, Pencils

Social Studies

Notebook (1 Subject Spiral), Folder


Composition notebook (not ring-bound), Spanish-English dictionary, Black or blue pens


Notebook (1 Section is enough), Loose leaf, Folder with pockets, Pen (Blue or Black)

7th Grade Science- Schaefer

Binder, Folder, 2 Separate notebooks (one for class, one for lab), Paper, Ruler, Colored Pencils or Markers, Scissors, Pens, pencils, erasers

Science – Garbade (7th Grade Advanced & 8th Grade)

Spiral Notebook, Folder, Composition Notebook, Scientific Calculator, Ear Buds for Chromebook, Graph Paper, Pens, Pencils

Regents Earth Science (8th Grade Advanced)

1 2″-3″ binder, 4-function scientific calculator, Pens, Pencils

Other materials you might find helpful (not required):
Pencil case
Index cards
Magnets for lockers (adhesives not permitted)

Yearbook Information

The 7th & 8th grade yearbook will be available for sale beginning in September. Further information and prices TBA.

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