Sports Offered

Varsity and Junior Varsity: Students in grades 7 – 12 are eligible to compete. Exceptional 7th and 8th graders may, with the recommendation of the coach and approval of the Director of Athletics, participate at the Varsity and /or J.V. level upon completion and passing of the New York State APP (Advanced Placement Program) Test.

Modified: Students in grades 7th and 8th grade are eligible to compete. If there are not enough students for a full team, Modified may be merged with Junior Varsity.

Downloadable PDF: SCC Sports Offered 2022-23
Downloadable PDF: SCC Merged Sports with Binghamton Information 2022-23


Season Varsity Junior Varsity Modified
Fall Football*, Golf, Soccer Football*, Soccer Football*, Soccer
Winter Basketball, Swimming*, Wrestling* Basketball, Wrestling* Basketball, Swimming*, Wrestling*
Spring Baseball, Lacrosse, Tennis* Baseball, Lacrosse Baseball, Lacrosse
* merged program with Binghamton H.S.


Season Varsity Junior Varsity Modified
Fall Cheerleading, Soccer, Swimming*, Tennis, Volleyball* Cheerleading, Soccer, Swimming*, Volleyball* Soccer, Swimming*, Tennis, Volleyball*
Winter Basketball, Cheerleading Basketball,.Cheerleading Basketball
Spring Flag Football*, Lacrosse, Softball Lacrosse. Softball Lacrosse, Softball
* merged program with Binghamton H.S.


Season Varsity Junior Varsity Modified
Fall Cross Country Cross Country
Spring Track & Field Track & Field

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