Lunch Menu/Meal Program

All Saints Catholic School Lunch Program

How to Purchase/Pay

Cash or check (made payable to All Saints Cafeteria) payments are the only methods of payment accepted. Payments may be made daily, weekly or monthly. It is especially helpful to pay in advance for your student(s) to assure a quick and easy drop off at school. Cafeteria staff keep an account of the funds for your child’s lunch.

Teachers will take the lunch payments from students in the morning when they take attendance. Please make sure your student’s full name and grade are documented on the payment for proper credit. Older students may pay the Cafeteria Manager directly at lunch time.

A low or negative cafeteria balance will be communicated via the cafeteria staff. Should you have questions, please contact the School Office.




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Lunch prices are as follows:

Student Lunch, includes milk $3.10
Milk 60 cents
Ice Cream* $1.00
Adult Lunch, includes Milk or Juice $4.25
*When Ice Cream is served, it can be purchased in the cafeteria by cash only. Ice Cream day for pre-school students is typically on a separate day from (K-6).

The menu for the month is sent home in advance, and prices and selections are on each menu.



If your student brings lunch to school, please note the following:

  • There is no microwave available.
  • Review the healthy child initiatives and the MyPlate Kids’ Place for ideas and guidelines on what would be ideal to pack for your student:
  • New York State does not allow any prepared foods that are purchased OUTSIDE the school to be brought into the Cafeteria, and this includes when an adult joins their student for lunch.


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