Field Turf Installation and Outdoor Beautification

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Project Green Play is a unique opportunity for All Saints School to update their outdoor play area that is aging, uneven, and crumbling. The 8,000 square foot space is used daily by their students.  Now more than ever, activities are encouraged to take place outside.  This is the perfect time to launch Project Green Play.  This multiphase project will enhance the outdoor areas of All Saints for years to come. During phase 1, the field turf will be installed, and during phase II various enhancements to the perimeter of All Saints will take place. An initial $120,000 donation from generous grandparents of an All Saints student will help kick off the project with the anticipation of turf installation to be completed in fall 2021. With the support of previous auction donations and support from parents, alumni and friends of the Catholic Schools of Broome County, we can complete both phases of Project Green Play.

PHASE I – Turf Installation

  • Installation of over 8,000 square feet of Field Turf
  • Cost = $158,000
  • Annual maintenance is approximately $2,000 per year
  • Completion Fall 2021

PHASE II – Additional Enhancement 

  • Upgrades to fencing and new arch gateway for entry
  • Upgrades to outdoor lighting and security equipment
  • New signage/banners promoting school
  • Netting above fences to prevent balls from leaving the playground area.
  • New outdoor sporting equipment (i.e. soccer goals, golf equipment, basketball hoops, outdoor games, etc)
  • Completion TBD, determined by the amount raised

Benefits of Field Turf Surface:

  • Provides a wide range of opportunities for safe physical activities.
  • Cleaner Play Environment with less loose gravel, repair tar, and dirt, and cracks.
  • Allows for fewer scraped knees, hard falls, ripped pants, worn-out sneakers.
  • Increased use of the space for academic lessons, outdoor concerts/movies/assemblies, and opportunity to rent in the off-time.
  • Exceptional Drainage in place of ineffective drain grate in the middle of the blacktop. No more puddles!
  • Less maintenance than natural grass with no mud, no weeds, lawn clippings, no fertilizers, no watering, no grass stains.
  • Aesthetically pleasing green space that would help All Saints stand out and be attractive to drawing in and retaining enrollment.
  • It will be an asset to our school that very few elementary schools in our area could claim to have.

For more information about Project Green Play contact either:
William Pipher – 607.748.7423 /
Kim Johnson – 607.348.0337 /

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